True Union Clamps

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Manufacturing the Finest Sanitary Clamps in the World

TBL’s true-union clamps are known worldwide for quality and reliability. Designed for higher pressures than standard Nylon Sanitary Clamps and increased tamper-resistance, our Kynar® true-union clamps are a perfect solution for critical non-metallic sanitary process lines. They are easily assembled and disassembled with a Spanner wrench. These clamps also fit in to tight spaces and do not gall plastic clamping surfaces like stainless steel.

TBL uses the highest quality, virgin-grade material available. Our Kynar® PVDF resin complies with USP Class VINSFFDA and many other regulatory requirements. All true union clamps are lot traceable. Please contact us for technical assistance or a quote.

Sizes 3/4″, 1″ Maxi, 1-1/2″
Material: Virgin Grade Kynar® PVDF

Available Sizes
F-075-TUC3/4″ TC, True Union Clamp, PVDF
F-100-TUC1″ Maxi TC, True Union Clamp, PVDF
F-150-TUC1.5″ TC, True Union Clamp, PVDF

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