Over-Molded Sanitary Tri-Clamp Hose Ends

Over-Molded Tri-Clamp Ends for Flexible Tubing

TBL manufactures an extensive range of over-moldedsanitary Tri-Clamp compatible process hoses with our standard tubing products and those supplied by our customers. Over-molded Tri Clamp connections are the most secure, cleanable, and reliable solution for critical bio-tech and life sciences applications. A certificate of compliance (COC) is provided with all hoses, certifying the relevant regulatory credentials (e.g. USP Class VIISO 10993FDA CFR, etc.).

Benefits of Over-Molding vs. Barbed Fittings

  • Smooth bore for no product entrapment and maximum cleanability
  • Low sheer for cell culture and other sensitive media
  • Elimination of potential bio-egress that can occur with use of cable ties or crimps

Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of Alfa Laval. Information on this page should be used only as a general reference to guide in product selection. Ultimately, field testing should be carried out to ensure this product meets the requirements of a particular application. Specifications are subject to change without notice.