Sanitary Tri-Clamp Concentric Reducers

TBL Manufactures a full line of Kynar (PVDF) and animal-derived ingredient free (ADIF) Polypropylene Tri-Clamp concentric reducers. In addition to the sizes listed below, we offer many custom sizes. We also offer custom packaging in a state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 clean room and gamma irradiation for applications where microbial control is necessary. TBL manufactures and stocks a comprehensive inventory of non-metallic sanitary fittings for bio-pharmaceutical process. All sizes below are always in stock.

Materials are ADIF, USP Class VI, and FDA grade. Our concentric reducers were designed without sharp internal angles to protect sensitive cells and minimize turbulence in bio-pharmaceutical process applications.

SizePart NumberABC
3″ TC X 2″ TC31-14MP-48-36-**2.516″3.000″3.579″
3″ TC X 1.5″ TC31-14MP-48-24-**1.984″3.000″3.579″
3″ TC X 1″ Laddish TC31-14MP-48-16L-**1.984″3.000″3.579″
3″ TC X 3/4″ Mini TC31-14MP-48-12-**0.992″3.000″3.579″
2″ TC X 1.5″ TC31-14MP-32-24-**1.984″3.000″2.516″
2″ TC X 1″ Laddish TC31-14MP-32-16L-**1.984″3.000″2.516″
2″ TC X 3/4″ Mini TC31-14MP-32-12-**0.992″3.000″2.516″
1.5″ TC X 1″ Laddish31-14MP-24-16L-**1.984″3.000″1.984″
1.5″ TC X 3/4″ Mini TC31-14MP-24-12-**0.992″3.000″1.984″
1″ Laddish X 3/4″ Mini TC31-14MP-16L-12-**0.992″3.000″1.984″
4″ TC X 3″ TC31-14MP-64-48-PP3.579″2.360″4.682″

– Replace ** with PP for ADIF Polypropylene or K for Kynar® (PVDF).
– Custom sizes available up to 8″ TC
– Other materials also available

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Kynar® is a registered trademark of Arkema. Tri-Clamp® is a registered trademark of Ladish Company. Specifications are subject to change without notice.