TBL Plastic

DairyFlow® | High-Performance Milk & Dairy Transfer Hose

Flexible in Sub-Zero Conditions | Phthalate Free | Extremely Low Taste and Odor

dairy-flow milk and dairy hose

Dairyflow® tubing is engineered to address the specific needs of dairy farmers who work with raw milk day in and day out. After listening carefully to milk producers, TBL has developed what we feel is the finest raw milk tubing available today.

About one-third lighter than other raw milk transfer tubing, DairyFlow® hoses are easier to lift and move. Our advanced material remains extremely flexible in sub-freezing conditions, which extends hose utility in colder months. Because DairyFlow® hoses are highly resistant to sanitizing chemicals and to temperatures, they are extremely long lasting. Unlike traditional silicone and rubber milk tubing, DairyFlow® has superior tear resistance and does not shed carbon.

TBL takes milk quality and ecological concerns very seriously. Our DairyFlow® tubing material is plasticizer-free, so it contains no DEHP or other phthalates, which are known to cause environmental and health issues. In addition, we use no animal derived lubricants in the manufacturing process, as these can potentially cause contamination of finished milk.

Please request DiaryFlow® tubing by name. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Sizing Chart , Single Tube

DF-S-250X500X100BLMilk Transfer Tubing Blue, 100′ Coil1/4″1/2″1/8″
DF-S-250X500X100GRMilk Transfer Tubing Green, 100′ Coil1/4″”1/2″1/8″
DF-S-375X625X100BLMilk Transfer Tubing Blue, 100′ Coil3/8″5/8″1/8″
DF-S-375X625X100GRMilk Transfer Tubing Green, 100′ Coil3/8″5/8″1/8″
DF-S-500x750X100BLMilk Transfer Tubing Blue, 100′ Coil1/2″3/4″1/8″
DF-S-500x750X100GRMilk Transfer Tubing Green, 100′ Coil1/2″3/4″1/8″
DF-S-562X936X100BLMilk Transfer Tubing Blue, 100′ Coil9/16″15/16″3/16″
DF-S-562X938X100GRMilk Transfer Tubing Green, 100′ Coil9/16″15/16″3/16″
DF-S-625x1000X100BLMilk Transfer Tubing Blue, 100′ Coil5/8″1.00″3/16″
DF-S-625x1000X100GRMilk Transfer Tubing Green, 100′ Coil5/8″1.00″3/16″
DF-S-750X1125X100BLMilk Transfer Tubing Blue, 100′ Coil3/4″1-1/8″3/16″
DF-S-750X1125X100GRMilk Transfer Tubing Green, 100′ Coil3/4″1-1/8″3/16″

Sizing Chart , Twin Tubing

DF-T-250X500X100BLTwin Milk Transfer Tubing Blue 100′ Coil1/4″1/2″1/8″
DF-T-282X531X100BLTwin Milk Transfer Tubing Blue 100′ Coil9/32″17/32″1/8″
DF-T-375X625X100BLTwin Milk Transfer Tubing Blue 100′ Coil3/8″5/8″1/8″


Raw Milk Transfer (Vacuum/Pressure)


About 1/3 Lighter than Silicone
As Flexible as Silicone
Extreme Flexibility in Sub-Zero Conditions
Superior Tear and Abrasion Resistance
Phthalate Free/ Animal Derived Ingredient Free
Resistant to Acids and Bases


100′ Coils
Custom packaging available on Request


Hot Clean in Place (CIP)
Clean Out of Place (COP)


FDA Title 21 CFR Section 177.1810
REACH and RoHS compliant
Traceability: Lot and Batch

Additional Data

Specific Gravity (ASTM D792)0.89
Durometer, Shore A (5SEC.ASTM D2240)69
Tensile Elongation at Break, psi (ASME D-412-98)600
Tear Resistance lb-f/inch (D624-91 – Die B)230
Abrasion Resistance, Mg. lost/1,000 cycles1.2
Brittle Point, °F (ASTM D-789)-112F
Low Temp. Flex at -60FPassed
Heat Resistance275F
Note: Material properties may be affected greatly by temperature, operating pressure, chemical concentration, the presence of other chemicals,
and other factors. Ultimately, users are expected to determine the compatibility of any product through field testing under their particular
process conditions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.