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Single-Use Assemblies for Bio-Processing

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Clean-room assembly of single-use tubing kits and manifolds. Gamma irradiation available


Turnkey Single-Use Systems (SUS)

Whether you are a bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing company, CMO, drug development and R&D company or an OEM, TBL has the experience needed to meet your regulatory, supply chain, and budgetary needs. We commonly work with our customers from the concept stage, through full-scale production and gamma-irradiation management to develop tailored single-use systems (SUS) that meet their functional specifications.

TBL manufactures bio-pharmaceutical tubing, fittings, and fabricated systems in house, and maintains a comprehensive inventory which enhances customer value and decreases lead times. We use our extensive knowledge of non-metallic fluidic systems to value engineer existing processes and help our customers to design new processes. TBL has extensive experience in developing single-use bio-reactor tubing kits, final filling assemblies, cell-culture media bottle assemblies, bio-process bag setsTFF systems, and many other single-use products for bio-processing.

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Silicone Top Assembly

Sterile Cell Culture Bottle Assembly

Double Y Pump Tubing Assembly


Featured Products

Cell-Culture Bottle Assemblies
Bio-Reactor Tubing Kits
Final Filling Kits
WFI Samplers
2-D and 3-D Bio-Process Bags
Double Y Pump Tube Sets
Gamma-Irradiated Fittings
TFF Systems
Private Labeling

Key Features

In House Extrusion, Injection Molding & Fabrication
Extensive Inventory
ISO Class 7 Assembly and Packaging
ISO Class 5 Laminar Flow Benches
Leak Testing
Dedicated Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Services
Local Primary Gamma Irradiation Facility