TBL Plastic

Clean-Room Packed Sanitary Gaskets

Single-Use Platinum-Cured Silicone and EPDM Gaskets

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TBL is now stocking cleanroom-packed, sanitary gaskets. They are offered in single (1) and ten (10) count packets, and were developed specifically for single use Bioprocess and Pharmaceutical applications. Our gaskets are available either Gamma Irradiated or validated sterile.

Class VI Testing
Certificate of Regulatory Compliance
USP/ISO Cytotoxicity
Accelerated Aging (Shelf Life) Study
Certificate of Regulatory Compliance
Handling and Storage
Certificate of Compliance
Lot and Batch Traceability
Gamma Irradiated Gasket Part #MaterialPack Form
F-TBL-42MPE-050-CPEPDMSingle Pack
F-TBL-42MPE-075-CPEPDMSingle Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-100-CPEPDMSingle Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-150-CPEPDMSingle Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-200-CPEPDMSingle Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-300-CPEPDMSingle Pack
F-TBL-42RXPX-050-CPSiliconeSingle Pack
F-TBL-42RXPX-075-CPSiliconeSingle Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-100-CPSiliconeSingle Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-150-CPSiliconeSingle Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-200-CPSiliconeSingle Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-300-CPSiliconeSingle Pack
F-TBL-42MPE-050-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-42MPE-075-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-100-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-150-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-200-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40MPE-300-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-42RXPX-050-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-42RXPX-075-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-100-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-150-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-200-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
F-TBL-40RXPX-300-CP-10EPDM10 Pack
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Gamma Irradiation does not necessarily render a part to be sterile, post-gamma irradiation validation work is required.